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KNCE 93.5 True Taos Radio is a community radio station located in Taos, New Mexico which features over 85 LIVE DJs.

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93.5 True Taos Radio: the best airstreaming radio station in Taos County

KNCE Radio: Powered by the voices of Taos

KNCE is an independent, locally-owned, community-supported radio station dedicated to bringing the eclectic musical tastes, unique cultural interests, and diverse community voices of Taos, New Mexico to the airwaves and the world.

If you love KNCE and want to support a radio station that supports you and wants to uplift the community, consider becoming a member, or advertising with us.

Dreamed up by members of Roots + Wires, Walking Rains Productions, LiveTaos.com, and Ravensong Productions, and manned by over 85 DJs from Taos County, 93.5 KNCE is a new experiment in community radio. And by new, we sort of mean old. Remember when radio was about real people spinning music and talking talk that they loved and believed in? That’s what KNCE is bringing back to the world.

So ditch your automated commercial music systems and join us at KNCE. Sure, those algorithms are getting pretty good, but they’re not likely to scratch the itch of a real radio lover by offering something spontaneous, exciting, and different for your ears and your soul, all brought to you by real live human beings. And not just any human beings — the very particularly special kind of human being who has chosen to make a life in beautiful Taos, New Mexico.

¿Que nice, no?

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